The Best Fried Insects to Try in Thailand!

Free photos of Crickets

There are over 1900 species of edible insects found in Thailand, and they are all extremely popular. In fact, many rural Thai communities still regularly eat insects as a part of their diet. Insects are a nutritious addition to the human diet – they are high in fats, proteins, and minerals such as iron and zinc. We recommend you sample these creepy crawlies at least once while you visit Thailand! Here are some of the best fried insects in Thailand to get your mouth watering:

Fried bamboo worm

Bamboo worms are about the size of a small slither of bacon, and it tastes similar too! The larvae are boiled and then fried in oil. Once ready, they are sprinkled with salt and pepper and are eaten with a squeeze of lime juice. Bamboo worms are high in protein and low in fat, so they make a great snack. The bamboo worm may be the perfect insect for those who have always wanted to eat crickets but were unsure where to begin.


Thai cricket

A Thai cricket is a large, brown cricket that is usually eaten deep fried with salt and chili powder. Crickets are popular snacks in many countries across Asia, and they are also commonly found in Thai street food. Since they consume less food and water and emit substantially less greenhouse emissions than cows, crickets are a sustainable source of protein.


As a popular street meal among Thais, you will find grasshoppers for sale in markets, food stalls, and restaurants all around the country. Grasshoppers are a terrific snack because they are also gluten-free and environmentally friendly, which makes them even more alluring. Grasshoppers, like many other insects, contain low quantities of fat but high levels of protein and micronutrients.

Fried silkworm

Silkworms are the larvae of the common silkworm moth, which is found in Thailand. We can eat them either raw or fried. Silkworms are a sustainable alternative to conventional animals like cows and pigs since they are high in calcium and protein.

Ant egg omelette

Red ant eggs are a distinctive and tasty ingredient. In the north-eastern part of Thailand, ant eggs can be found on the menu in the form of omelettes or local vegetable soup. Ant eggs are a delicacy for Thai cooking. They are also free of contaminants and loaded with protein nutrients.

Final Words

Fried insects are extremely popular in Thailand and are found in both traditional Thai cuisine and street food. They are rich in protein and minerals. If you have been hesitant to try eating bugs, now is the time to let go of your fears and try something new. You may be surprised at how tasty and satisfying they are. And most importantly, you can support sustainable farming practices while you are at it! Expats may also be interested in seeking health insurance if they are concerned about access to primary care providers. In addition, you may explore insurance alternatives suitable for expat health in Thailand that cover emergency treatment and repatriation in case insects may trigger allergic responses.